Welcome to the NationStates-PPW WikiEdit

This wiki is for any member of the POTC Fanon Wiki who plays NationStates. Here, we makes pages about our nations, regions, etc.

The game:


General PolicyEdit

  • Always edit in good faith
  • Do not vandalize
  • Do not force your religious and political beliefs on others. Since this is a wiki about a nation simulator, discussions about these are absolutely allowed; just keep it civil and peaceful
  • Do not provoke other users into an argument or disturb the peace; furthermore, don't feed into said users' arguments and continue them
  • Do not make a category with an admin's permission

Cursing/Cussing PolicyEdit

The curse words allowed on the NationStates-PPW Wiki are as follows:

  • Damn
  • Hell
  • Bastard
  • Ass
  • Crap

All other swear words are illegal. The ones that are legal, however, cannot be used as insults towards other people.

Drama PolicyEdit

  • Do not make blogs insulting other users in any way, shape, or form
  • Do not make blogs at all concerning people being banned unfairly, people not being banned when there was a good reason, etc. Talk to an administrator about these issues
  • Do not create sock puppets at all, especially for the purpose of being unbanned. You are disturbing the peace by doing this and breaking Wikia's Terms of Use
  • Do not make accusations of people unless you have evidence of what you're saying is true. If arguments escalate, all involved parties will face a punishment

Latest activityEdit

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